a den for rabbits

Future Islands put on a great performance at Monster Island, a basement space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, this past Saturday.  The So So Glos also gave it their all, after a handful of opening acts, and just before Future Islands.  The So So Glos seemed to be partly Ramones inspired, partly Rancid, and possibly a little Morrissey.  Naturally, the smell of body odor was thick in the air.

Up close and personal with the frontman of Future Islands.

• I recently picked up a fixed 24mm lens, and can’t seem to put it down.  Its a little more low profile than most zooms, and comfortably wider than the standard 50mm.

In South Slope, people will throw away anything.

Near Tribeca, Spring of ’05.

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  1. GREAT Photos. Love the beads of sweat and the kitty in a trash can. Cats can muster dignity where ever you find them – amazing. This cat is saying ‘I’ll need royalties if this gets on Flicker dude’.

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