turn dirt to dollars

Raleigh, North Carolina.  Two weeks ago, Jenn and I flew down south to see my family, and take a few days off from work.

Traditional Eastern North Carolina barbeque.  I dream of this stuff, and it can’t seem to be found outside of certain NC establishments.  What you’re looking at here is hushpuppies, and vinegar-based, slow-cooked pulled pork with Texas Pete (oddly, it’s always been made in North Carolina) hot sauce, plus pretty basic coleslaw on a very cheap bun.  Top notch.

A giant blow-up head of Ronald Reagan.

All smiles.

My brother met up with us in North Carolina from Atlanta to ride around a bit.

Back in Brooklyn, we ate very well at Paul & Stephi’s annual rib-off (where everyone was competing to grill the best ribs).  Also notable about the building: they had a great irrigation system set up for a variety of plants on the roof, inspiring.

• In related news, Jenn and I joined Hans as he hosted a bunch of people the other evening for dinner and to check out his newly planted rooftop garden as well.  He’s got about thirty or so large, round plastic pots and is growing a number of edible items.  Ben and Meg cooked some excellent pizza (via dough from Lenny’s), putting most homemade pizza to shame.  David Lehman, Bethany, Patrick (in from Charlotte), Mike, Franz, and Ellen were also there.

• Things have been busy.  A friend of mine, Shane, and I also recently started a design collective, called City Pool, and have started taking clients.

• Last week I caught the dress rehearsal of Sonic Youth’s musical-backing for a Merce Cunningham piece at BAM. While I’m still working on aquiring a taste for dance performances in general, it was definitely good to see Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon in person.

Downtown Brooklyn.