you’re painting a kinda-gross picture

A handful of 35mm scans from a trip up to Connecticut for some canoeing the other weekend.

The vignetting in bright daylight with the $4 plastic camera I picked up a few weeks back is intense.  You’d be surprised at the amount of abandoned factories and warehouses to explore along the riverfront.  The homeless population seemed pretty low from our surface-level survey, we only discovered one or two somewhat permanent habitations.

We visited the scenic waterfall where Shane proposed to Echo several years back.  Certainly a popular hangout spot for the local teens.

As a followup to what I was talking about the other day, here is one of the aforementioned tiny groves a block from my apartment in South Slope, Brooklyn.  While the recent non-stop rain has been obnoxious for commuting via bicycle, the weeds on the sidewalk have been loving it.  This tree was unfortunately chopped down a while back, but it has company at the moment; a whole little ecosystem, semi-fertilized by people’s dogs and occasional banana peel.