blood in the streets

• While trying to locate the Manhattan Apple store, near Mercer and Prince in SoHo, I heard a crunch in the street. A lot of people looked over as a non-descript van had clipped another van’s (who was double-parked) driver’s side mirror. The guy in the parked van (a black guy with dreads) jumps out of his vehicle, and runs up to the other van, now stopped in traffic. He proceeds to start wailing on the guy through his open window, and both occupants of that van jump out. The driver, seemingly of Middle Eastern or Mediterranean descent, begins to start throwing punches back at the guy with dreads, and his passenger (light skinned black guy) runs over to help out – and the two of them start beating the dreads guy’s head against a parked car’s hood. Keep in mind, this is typically a very posh shopping area, everyone on the street is shocked and feels compelled to watch. The damaged van’s passenger finally gets out, and runs in to help, making the total number involved equal four. At this point tons of taxis and such are honking to attempt to get through, but to no avail. Blood is running down the faces of at least 3 of the men, several have cuts near their ears that look pretty rough, the dreads guy has blood coming from his nose, perhaps mouth. One or two men scatter, and things seemingly slow down, so I headed out. Welcome to New York.

• Somewhat nearby the fight, but an hour later, a uniformed officer was chasing a man in full force (who had about a block lead on him) on the same street I was walking on.

• So NYC has several K-Marts. In fact, Manhattan has at least 2, that are kinda preventing Target and Wal-Mart from entering the city (though Queens and Brooklyn have a Target, I believe). I found the 34th Street K-Mart (I think 34th and 7th Ave), and like a lot of other larger stores in the city (Best Buy and such), it appears small at first, until you realize its condensed into three full floors of stuff. Its very different than NC’s never-ending ranch-style strip malls.

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