james, put your shirt on

Some jellies in the New England Aquarium, in Boston, this past Saturday.

I spent a few days in Boston over Labor Day weekend, hanging out with Val, and exploring a handful of neighborhoods in the area.

• After a few rounds of sake bombs and $1 hotdogs, Val and I went to a Pet Shop Boys show at the House of Blues.  The super-enthusiastic crowd at the show, combined with high-budget staging made it a lot of fun; the opposite end of the spectrum from a punk show in an illegal Brooklyn basement.  After the show, we met up with Susan, Sammy, Stefan, and Joanne for a second dinner and some drinks, at Beer Works.

Val’s roommate Hyeon’s dog, Buster.

South Boston, down the street from a hole-in-the-wall seafood place we found.

“We want you to come out and join us. The restaurant’s got a lot of different stuff.  You can have chicken. You can have chicken! James, put your shirt on.” – overheard phone conversation in South Boston, a woman with a terribly raspy voice from smoking over the years.

Low tide in East Boston.

“East Boston’s fine as long as we go in there I Am Legend style: you can hunt during the day, but should get the f— out of there before nightfall.” – Val


Meanwhile, back in Brooklyn, NY.

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  1. Thanks! While this was shot through the tank’s glass, I did actually pick up an inexpensive underwater camera the other day, which I’m excited to hopefully try out today — though possibly not being surrounded by as many jellyfish.

  2. Haha, sadly it’s been too long since I saw Mystic River, I can’t actually recall why the river was significant to the plotline and stuff… the only moment that felt memorable to me was the beginning where the boys get taken away in the fake police car.

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