reporting from the eastern seaboard

I finally had an opportunity to see the inside of the Williamsburgh Savings Bank building at One Hanson in Fort Greene this past weekend when it was opened up for the indoor location of the Brooklyn Flea. Ran into some friends who had bought some vintage chairs, but for Jenn and I, the real treat was the food: vendors had set up in the vault area in the basement, and were serving stellar lobster rolls (worth the $14 price tag) and more affordable pupusas ($5 gets you 2 pupusas and two sides, possibly the same cost as when they’re down at the Red Hook soccer fields).  In the warmer months, I believe the flea market will be moving back outdoors.

• At least two birthday shout-outs need to happen today: my brother Clay turns 25, and my friend Shane turns 28.  Happy birthday!

The clean-cut Nymphets perform fast punk songs at Glasslands.

A few weeks back, after a fire-side dinner at Teddy’s Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with my cousin Julia (who moved to Bushwick several months back) and her friend Mike (in town from Harrisonburg, VA), we went to the Beachniks record release party at Glasslands. One of those 7-bands-for-7-dollars kinda things, which can result in a lot of mediocrity, but sometimes some gems. In this case, we were most impressed by The Nymphets, moreso than the headliner.

• A quick mention of two other shows: the Secret Science Club that happens at the Bell House in the Gowanus area every month or so is a pretty interesting lecture/interactive series by scientists and PH-D students while everyone drinks — certainly has potential, even though the one I caught with Jenn, Christine, and Charlie was possibly not the best (regarding motion capture technologies).

Secondly, Eugene Mirman hosts a comedy series at Union Hall in Park Slope that I hadn’t heard about until Chris & Lindsay Reid (in town briefly from Durham, North Carolina) got a few of us together to check it out. While initially being somewhat film/Hollywood focused stand-up, the comedians did end up being worth the $7 cover in the end (plus modelo cans are $3, which isn’t too bad).

• On the material possessions end, I’m looking to unload a wide-format Epson injet printer, a multi-purpose rice cooker, and a great, disgustingly pink & bright yellow Centurion road bike (61cm), if you or anyone you know is in need, give me a holler for prices.

I’m excited to officially announce that the This City i$ Mine book is now available for purchase.

Here’s a sample spread – the book design (composition, juxtaposition, sequencing, layout, etc) was all done by Jenn Richey.

Winter in New York seems to mean so many indoor spaces (aside from riding one’s bike to and from those spaces). This dim light is in the bathroom of the newish Greenpoint bar named Blackout, where a group of us got drinks after a nice dinner over at David’s apartment a few blocks away.