deep in the bowels of bro culture

It is said that Hoboken, New Jersey is the city with the most bars per block in the United States. Each year, oddly before the actual St. Patrick’s Day, they host a massive bar crawl.


David & Cindy
(not pictured) hosted their own party in their apartment and back patio in prime people-watching territory, on Washington Ave, seemingly the epicenter of bro culture.

I was wearing skinny jeans and a skinny tie (which, well, maybe didn’t cause me to blend in), nor was my clothing green, the dominant color in every direction. But, of course, by mid-afternoon, everyone was too drunk to notice much of anything, even when their friends fell into the street.  I did see a great shirt that read: “NJ ALL DAY” in stacked, massive, white letters, which I’d love to buy and wear around Brooklyn on sunny days, though I’m sure it’d be a regrettable decision (though not as regrettable as Hoboken’s rampant promiscuity this past Saturday, obviously).

• Speaking of parties, Jenn recently made it onto Last Night’s Party (here).  David and I are also in the periphery of the shot, by photographer Merlin Bronques.

On an entirely different note, and back at the home base in Brooklyn, this young plant is doing quite well in my windowsill. I don’t actually know the name of it though, can anyone shed some light on its name? To the left in the shot is a Hindu rope plant cutting that Jenn and I got from her grandmother and are working towards a replanting in soil, and the plant on the right is something than Hans dug up near the Gowanus Canal.

• Happy birthday this past week to B.Davis and Mr. Appalachia.  We celebrated earlier in the week with some homemade cake (from Allison and Mother Appalachia) in the neighborhood, then this past Friday at Great Lakes and Brooklyn Fish CampDominique and Anna joined in the fun too, both in town for 6 months from Argentina, and studying at Columbia University. I hadn’t seen Dominique since visiting Argentina about three and a half years ago.

Speaking of the Gowanus, it should be mentioned that the recent Superfund status designation has been all over the papers and in conversations, though I still haven’t been able to form an opinion on the scenario quite yet.  It already has meant more attention to the area my friends and I have been trying to rehab for over a year now. This snow melted completely over this past weekend, as we finally made it over 50 degrees in NYC.

Jenn and I made it over to the Pulse Art Fair on Saturday, thanks to free passes from David Harper.

Midtown Manhattan.


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