like a bag of bones

Mike flexes after performing a DJ set at Port D’Or on Friday night.

Marta, Katie Scott, Jenn, and I had drinks earlier at The Creek Bar in Nolita before meeting up with Hans, David Moses, Mike, Ben, and some others at the show. Some pretty disturbing activities went down at the venue, but music-wise it was primarily a mix of experimental/noise DJing mixed with some South Beach-esc party tunes between sets. The venue is a small storefront lined with speakers, tucked into an unassuming (residential) Crown Heights block. As to be expected, the cops were busting people for drinking out front in the light rain, and they poked their head inside once or twice, but I didn’t see them actually enter the space.

Still plenty of beards in Brooklyn.

Jenn and I finally made it over to Bahn Mi Saigon in the Asian area of Little Italy. It’s a Vietnamese sandwich place (as is obvious from the name), tucked into an area behind a jewelry store. It does live up to the hype: one bite into the #1 Pork/Saigon sandwich, and you realize that the others  (Hanco’s, Nicky’s, Henry’s, etc) are inferior and higher-priced. The summer rolls are also a great value. The location will be moving to somewhere else, close by, in May/June.

An abandoned car in South Slope.

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