more punch than hawaiian

I rode my bike out to the beach at the Rockaways again, for the second weekend in a row, to take advantage of the warmth, while it holds out.  This time, Jenn came along as well, and I brought a new Olympus Stylus 550WP waterproof camera (inexpensive point and shoot) to document and store away the summer for upcoming months, when the only people going in the water are the Polar Bear Club at Coney Island.


• We saw a handful of tall bikes chained to the fence along the Fort Tilden area, always a welcome sight.

I couldn’t seem to get enough gratuitous water shots, partially inspired by fellow Brooklyner, Elizabeth Weinberg’s, recent ocean shots.

As the evening began to set in, the biting flies got even worse.  There were swarms of dragonflies to take on the smaller flies, but it didn’t stop them from landing on us at the shore by the dozens. The rain the previous day may have caused the populations to be extra high.  They don’t leave welts like mosquitoes, but there is still a slight sting, and they keep swarming, seemingly possess an immunity to bug spray.

ThisCityi$Mine turns four years old today.

To celebrate, here are a few random moments from a few years ago:

Staten Island, 2005.

Boston, 2006. Big Joseph and Val making their way through one of the bigger blizzards to hit Boston in recent years.

RJD2 plays the Guggenheim in the Upper East Side, 2006.

A lone dog in Colonia, Uruguay, 2006.

Breakneck Ridge, NY, 2007.