pretend that you owe me nothing

In the grass with the chickens. Jen and Rich recently built a chicken coup for the newest additions to their farm in Asheville, North Carolina.

While in Asheville over July 4th (with a bunch of friends in town from Seattle and Cincinnati), I met this UK gentleman, who was doing a cross-country bike tour, having flown with his custom Bob Jackson into San Francisco initially. Looked like a great setup, between the internally-geared rear hub, Brooks saddle, full fenders, and beefy tires. He was impressed with how lively downtown Asheville was, when compared to the “historic downtowns” everywhere else that he had just passed through.

I’ll never get tired of mountain waterfalls off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. We went swimming under an even-larger waterfall later in the day, just before a summertime thunderstorm.

A day trip over to Tennessee was the first time I had set foot in the state, despite having grown up next door, in North Carolina.

Can’t forget to return back home after a long week away. I am glad I don’t have to drive 10.5 hrs on a weekly basis.