time of celebration

My good friends Kathleen and Tom got married this past weekend, and I had the honor of shooting the event.  (Though, full gallery not available quite yet).  The ceremony and reception were in Nolita/Soho.  When the couple left in Tom’s vintage VW truck, it drew quite a large crowd on Spring Street.

So I need to work on my stenciling skills.  Regardless, a big thanks to America for the large victory!

Pay-O-Matic in South Slope, Brooklyn.

The annual NYC Marathon went through South Slope last Sunday morning.  There was certainly some pain on people’s faces by mile 6.

“Bunny for Obama.”  There were also a few people running in full Braveheart costumes.

• I think Thievery Corporation’s role in globalization (and I don’t think the world always automatically has to have negative connotations) is greatly unacknowledged.  I mean, I know I’ve probably said this before, but so many restaurants (especially Thai restaurants in NYC, and I’m pretty sure I heard it in a real Thai restaurant in Thailand last month) can’t seem to avoid playing “Lebanese Blonde.”  And I heard it yesterday during the Future of Web Design conference.  But maybe there’s no coincidence — the track is safe, entirely instrumental, could maybe fit into the horrible generic label of “world music,” and kinda is genuinely good.  I just think that the band’s songs may be more ubiquitous in NYC than perhaps even super-old Michael Jackson songs.

• Speaking of bands, during the voting queue on 7th Avenue yesterday, Jason of The Bloodsugars informed me of a few more spots in South Slope I hadn’t yet discovered: the 24-hour Mexican bakery on 5th Ave that has tacos and tortas (aside from normal bakery stuff), plus the slices at Luigi’s Pizza (also on 5th) come highly recommended.

• Also, happy birthday this past weekend to Hillary!

Some bright green parrots in a tree near my apartment.  Their high-pitched chirping is kinda nice.

spring green

My cousin Julia has been working in a studio in the Five Points building in Long Island City.

The artists’ spaces are surprisingly locked-down and private, rather than communal.

Most things are green in Central Park now.

Different hairstyle options.

Spring all around.

This one is actually Regent’s Park, London near sunset. Just seemed to fit with the series on urban parks.

No shortage of food on the streets in the East Village. Despite the label, it looks more like beef to me.

• My parents flew in over the weekend, and, with Jenn joining us, we had a chance to finally eat at the Clinton Street Bakery, just a block from my apartment. In addition, I scored some tickets for Cry Baby on Broadway through my office, plus we saw The Visitor for free over at my building as well. Cry Baby has very slick scenery changes and is very fun in general, being in a similar vein as Grease. The majority of the characters had fake tattoos to make them tough. The Visitor is set in the NoHo/West Village area, and ends up becoming a timely piece on immigration laws, in a smart, calm way. It doesn’t point fingers at past events or current administration, but takes the path of a calmer melodrama. Unfortunate title, as about 2.5 horror films per year seemed to share the same name. My parents enjoyed the fact that we had just been walking through most of the areas portrayed in the film.

• I’ve received some emails from people and even a letter from my landlord about a potential water contamination issue. Apparently around 10% of the water at any given moment is from the Croton Reservoir, which has been failing tests for microbial bacteria and stuff (potentially resulting in some not-so-fun symptoms). But, they’ve known about this for years: like in 2003. But then other less-credible sources indicate there’s no issue: 2008. Seemingly, there’s still an argument for some sort of minor filtering via Brita/PUR, etc, at the very least.

• Only a few more days until the famed Five Borough Bike Tour. If you need a registration (they’ve been sold out for a month), a friend of mine has one, for face value, unlike a lot of the scalping in the bicycles section of craigslist.

Upper West Side. Notice how the engine bay is immaculate. Somebody was angry with the owner of this Acura.