indecent exposure on the high seas

Allentown, New Jersey. From left: Hans, Jim (in town from San Francisco), and Mr. Appalachia.

From left: Mike, Johanna, and Ben (of the Werewolves).

Holly and Cory.  About 16 of us made the journey out for Hans’ annual beer and smoke-fueled pirate canoe race.  With only 5 canoes, we had 3-4 people in each.  Between people jumping from canoe to canoe, tons of spiders hanging from trees, fallen trees, capsizing repeatedly into giardia-filled parasitic water, poison ivy lining the shores, and many moments of canoes ramming each other, it was a great adventure.

Calmer waters back at the home base in Allentown.


The birthday boy himself, Hans.  On a side note, his Death Bone tattoo is one my favorites ever because of the ridiculous premise and surrounding story.  There was an old drawing in the concrete sidewalk of the university I attended a few years back, down south.  It had been there for years, from my recollection, having seen the drawing back when I was attending a basketball camp at the same campus, while in middle school.  I think the first time I heard about Hans when someone telling me a while ago that “this kid Hans got that Death Bone thing tattooed on his arm.”  And it was done not knowing what it was or stood for.  Fast forward a few years later, and Hans is working with neighborhood kids in his yard with this bicycle collective he started, and some older dude is shocked to see the mark, explaining that it was a bike gang he used to be in.  Almost too good to be true.  Hans currently resides in Brooklyn, a few blocks from me.