one queue to the next queue

Presumably this is the creator of the Pirate Club, a non-profit kayaking venture for children near the Camden Lock on the canal, being interviewed for his positive community influence. Well, at least that’s my guess. Other reporters on the street have been discussing the riots and how to curb storefront looting. We didn’t witness looting first-hand, but saw many boarded-up-but-open shops as a way of minimizing broken glass.

The Camden & Primrose Hill area of London, off the Nothern Line on the tube, has always been Jenn’s and my favorite spot to explore. Between it being a hub for live music, punk bars, street markets (such as the Stables Market), and having a canal cutting through it, it’s a fun place.

A deep, immense trash pile, secretly tuked between the market and the canal’s towpath.

We’ve been traveling in Europe for a week now, and as I’m drafting this, we’re on a train somewhere between Antwerp, Belgium, and Amsterdam, Holland. These 9 images, though, are exclusively London for the time-being. Also, please pardon the lack of sharpness of the images for the next few months — I don’t have an easy way in my workflow to output to the exact right size.

Most cycling commuters in London wear helmets- unlike the past few cities we’ve been in. The bike sharing program seems to be going well- quite similar to Barcelona’s: “one size fits all” with dynamo-driven LED lighting systems, though London’s lack Barcelona’s built-in porteur racks.

Jenn and Janice, a new friend we met from Boston who sat next to us on the redeye flight last week.

These little guys hang out with pigeons in public plazas to grab fallen snacks.

Don’t sleep on döner kabobs. We had heard, during a trip to Berlin a few years back, that they were good – but it wasn’t until an evening in Brussels, Belgium, that we finally tried them. Yes, you can get gyros anywhere in New York, but these are different in flavor, toppings, sauces, and bread. Well worth their bargain prices. (Note: this shot is from London, not Brussels).