autumn upstate

There was dancing.

• My good friends Rich and Jen got married the other week, upstate at Mount Tremper, NY.  In addition to spending time with them, it provided a great opportunity to meet more of their friends who flew in from the west coast and the midwest.  Quality people and lots of drinks on hand.  Perhaps too many drinks, though, for a good cause, of course.  The Catskill Mountains certainly rival Appalachian areas when it comes to deciduous trees and winding streams.  The beautiful weather didn’t hurt either.  Gallery of shots: here.

A block from my apartment here in Brooklyn, some people got busted for illegally selling a ton of cats and dogs and other pets out on the street without any permits or papers.  There may have been other factors at play, because the people were hauled off, the animals were rescued, and all of the cages and food were simply abandoned.

• On the topic of abandoned things on the street, a big thanks to my neighbors for the bike with the “free” sign on it the other day.  I’ve fixed a few minor things on it, and now I may have enough bikes to supply my 2 siblings with when they come into town in a few months.

“Do not rent rooms.  It is not legal.  If your name is not on the the lease, I will give your name to the police.”