david and alison

My friends David & Alison got married on the Moses Family farm two weekends ago, in Boone, North Carolina. Also pictured: Ng’endo on the right.

Holly and her daughter Juniper, whom we hadn’t even met yet (it’s been too long!).

Jenn & Lisa.

Rhys in the middle of a field.

Alison’s siblings, Renita & Ray.

Kyle, DLISH, and Matt.

Juniper and Pike.

It was great to see Cory, we hadn’t seen him in over five years.

Great to catch up with King Creeper as well! He started with his trademark soul & motown records, and eased into late 90s-early 00s r&b and hip hop.

Party time.

For a moment I thought we were back at Club Europa in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

a gentleman doesn’t discuss money

Raleigh, North Carolina, 2001.

Last month, over the holidays, I stumbled across some old shots that I had taken in late 2001. I haven’t experienced the North Carolina State Fair in quite some time, but do miss it.

Reidsville, North Carolina, 2001. I believe this was one of my few trips down to the edge of Lake Reidsville before my grandmother passed away a few years later, and much of the land was sold off.

Once, a neighbor of my grandmother’s, a chronic alcoholic, shot and killed one of her two dogs in her yard. Other times, he’d intentionally herd livestock through her yard, damaging everything in their path. Later, when alcohol had completely isolated him from his family, he seemed to vanish, leaving several decaying properties to slowly return to nature. My siblings and I couldn’t get enough of the spooky abandoned spaces at the time, looking for treasures. We haven’t been back in years.

a beachy kick in the pants



Little family amusement parks come and go in tourist-driven areas.  This highly-visible corner spot has been on sale for a while, with a rusty roller coaster, overgrown go-kart race tracks, some small pavilions, dried-up fountains, and empty ticket booths.

• I’ve been spending the week down at the Outer Banks, off the coast of North Carolina, in a rental cottage with my family and significant others.  Fantastic cooking, and the attractions are largely bikeable (within a few miles, and all flat terrain).  I should add that my brother brought 5 bikes: a Raleigh tandem, a Takara road bike, a Schwinn cruiser, a Gary Fisher mountain bike, and a Bianchi track bike.  Combined with a Schwinn cruiser already at the cottage, the whole gang has been able to ride at the same time.  Practically critical mass style.

• Thus far there’s been one hospital visit (for a possible Lyme disease tick bite looking pretty rough), a trip to a dead-animal ridden, deserted beach (near Bodie Island), a visit to Jockey’s Ridge, and a lot of ocean time.

Beach cottage architecture in North Carolina is definitely different than New England and the northeast.


Wrestling glasses can hold quite large mixed drinks.

$86 buys two dozen blue crabs (only male are eaten by law, and they’re referred to as “Jimmy #1”) and several pounds of snow crab legs, including spices (a local blend, similar to Old Bay) and steaming.

family wheels

We left the room, and Clay had removed the rear brake in a matter of minutes. Purchased at Pearl River Market on Broadway in SoHo.

Jenn and I flew down to North Carolina this past weekend. There were some bicycles involved. Top left: Hillary tries out a petite converted single-speed Spalding Blade. Top right: I admire the threadless fork on Clay’s Bianchi Pista. Bottom left: the lineup. Bottom right: the Pista rides like butter, top notch.

I’m not sure if I’m becoming too much of a New Yorker, but down south felt ridiculously green. I mean, I was stunned with the magical lushness all over.

After the party it’s the after party. My good friend Mitchell’s wedding is what brought Jenn and I to North Carolina.

It happens.

Safely back in New York, though this seems outside the boroughs.

a proper spanking

Suzy Hotrod (with the star on her helmet) of the Gotham Girls had a great game on Saturday night against Philly, seen in teal. Philadelphia certainly knew how to dress, though.  A former coworker of mine, Matt B, announced the game.

You can’t even say it ended up close.

• This past Friday, after recovering from some sort of 24-hr bug or food poisoning (yet to be determined), Jenn and I made it out to meet up with Lehman, B.Davis, Moses, Jason, and Cory over at Williamsburg’s McCarren Park for a late night thai dinner before walking over to crowded Union Pool for a little while (where we met up with Jan, Ashley, and a few others), near the BQE.

• If you (or someone you know) is in the market for a little orange tabby, send this link over their way. Thanks!

• I don’t think I mentioned it yet, but thanks to the random fixie-commuter girl on the Manhattan Bridge the other morning who alerted me of some glass up ahead in the bike path. Good lookin’ out.

• Yesterday, Jenn and I ended up running into Adam over at the Brooklyn Museum’s Murakami exhibit. The exhibit was pretty engaging, however, the presence of an actual pop-up Louis Vuitton store certainly is worthy of criticism. It seemed in poor taste. Also, despite Murakami’s expressive, fast-paced animation for Kanye’s track, “Good Morning,” there’s no way anyone can be convinced that it fits the sound/content. But I know, we’ve all gotta get paid. That being said, I do still like his happy-faced flower people and the crazy mushroom paintings.

• I found some old film from seven years ago, and scanned in the following three shots. I took them at my aunt’s place over in Reidsville, North Carolina. She’s unfortunately since passed away. I always liked that the floor to ceiling was covered in dark wood in a lot of the house (though that isn’t seen here). There were also some abandoned vehicles further out in the woods, seen below.