watch out for the golden handcuffs

I’m a big fan of my cousins’ (Julia & Paul) new tattoos. While Julia lives over in Bushwick, Brooklyn, Paul was in town from Richmond, VA, to check out the show (a benefit at Gallery 151 on Bowery, for the Swimming Cities projects) to which Julia donated a piece.

I was glad to see James Stacher was on the turntables, the gentleman who sold me my Kogswell bicycle.

Roxy (the black and white doesn’t convey her bright red lipstick).

Conrad and some Black Label guys were rolling up from Brooklyn as we were leaving. Shockingly cold night to be on a bike — hard to believe some of his friends (not pictured) rode over on tall bikes, intense wind out there.

The one and only Mike Mararian was in town for a show opening the very same night, up at Last Rites on 33rd St. The show is themed around an Inky Dreadfuls take on Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (rife with punk references and other good stuff). It was good to see his wife Elizabeth and friend Steve at the show as well.

Speaking of tattoos and facial hair, this is Ray, a friend and [now fomer] neighbor here in South Slope. He and his wife just sold their house and packed up everything to retire down south this past week. You’ll be missed, chief.