resting in pieces

Mount Moriah Cemetery in the southwest corner of Philadelphia’s outskirts.

I had heard about the place being in a state of decay (though it is slowly being unearthed and restored), but it was still fascinating to see tombstones arising out of massive patches of Japanese Knotweed, Ailanthus, Mugwort, Princess Trees, you name it – it feels like every weed in Philly has carved out a place here, though the Trees-of-Heaven might be winning.

Weather having its way with larger structures.


There seem to be many acres that haven’t been touched in a while – and while they’re filled with graves, only the tallest are visible without clearing the jungle.





Approaching this particular clearing in the dense Ailanthus, I found myself asking, “are we still in Philly?”

a hidden cambodia

Back in the fall, Jenn and I heard some music in the distance when we were exploring an old barge near the edge of Bartram’s Gardens in Southwest Philadelphia. What at first I was guessing to be a traditional Indian wedding celebration (from hearing music echoing through the meadow) ended up being the Wat Khmer Palelai & Buddhist Monastery.


I’m game for anything fried, and these plantains were fantastic, and super inexpensive.


The national flag of Cambodia, showing Angkor Wat.


never a wet blanket

Happy New Year, Philadelphia. Here are a few moments from this past fall.

The legendary FDR skate park under I-95 in South Philly.

Porter in Fishtown.

Linvilla Orchards in Media, PA.

Boiling some fresh hops (from none other than Matt Hops) in a modified keg, in Tommy & Lauren’s backyard, as part of a huge batch of hard cider.

Sarah and Chris during a street fair on South Street.


if all goes well, i’d do it again

Red Bull wisely understands that people never get tired of watching other people fly off of platforms and into a large bodies of water. The Red Bull Flugtug was on the Camden side of the Delaware River yesterday, and there was a huge turnout (the fantastic weather certainly helped). We didn’t witness much in the way of flying, but everyone loves a good belly-flop.

This malfunction unfortunately sent her to the hospital.

Spring Garden, Philadelphia– the looming industrial area that inspired David Lynch’s Eraserhead (1977).

Made it out to the beach one last time this summer: Atlantic City, Labor Day weekend.

Careful not to “buy the farm” out there.

never enough bicycles

About a month ago, the annual Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby took over Kensington, in North Philly. Shane and Echo (not pictured) also happened to be visiting over the same weekend, and got to check it out as well.

Tall bikes are welcome, but some people go all-out when it comes to absurd bikes.

Naturally, it wouldn’t be Kensington without some sort of mobile meth lab.

I mistakenly thought this girl had a tattoo of wheat or some type of grass, but in fact they’re southern pines, she told me, referencing growing up in the south. One of my favorite tattoos I’ve seen in Philly.

I’m only realizing now that the rabbit on the right is carrying a chainsaw.

Last but not least, don’t forget about the solid food trucks & stands at all outdoor Philly events. Photo includes: hotdog with macaroni & cheese on top (The Dapper Dog), iced tea with fresh mint (x2), asparagus salad, and a falafel sandwich (A Full Plate). We were sitting in an overgrown lot that had just been mowed for the event.