no such thing as a free lunch

The High Line in Manhattan.

Renita double-dutching, with her sister, Alison, and Mr. Appalachia manning the ropes, over at Prospect Park the other weekend. An intimidating pastime.

When Val and Verena came into town for an afternoon, Val demonstrated how to sneak dogs (in this case, Udon) into galleries, in the Red Hook, Brooklyn area.

Assorted thawing and rotting meat and cheese, in Brooklyn. Oddly, the same afternoon I found this box filled with homemade “ground venison with pork” and stuff, Pam, texted me a picture of some slabs of meat that were scattered on the sidewalk in front of her apartment over in Chicago (because it made her think of me). One of those meaty kind of days in summer, not vegan-friendly.

Sarah Sze’s impressive and high-profile birdhouse installation in the newly-opened phase II of the High Line in Manhattan. Certainly in a different league of sculpture, compared to the bird habitats my friends and I have been building along the Gowanus over the past few years – this High Line piece’s strongly skewed perspective lines and combination of modern/minimal nooks and feeders is drawing a lot of attention, from both passersby and birds themselves. This guy was kind enough to pose for my Yashica T4.


Mike’s Linus bicycle, in patriotic mode, in Prospect Park. It’s not summer in New York without bicycles and park time. Speaking of Mike, he’s premiering in a film tonight (Sat, July 16) being screened at the Anthology Film Archives in the East Village, at 10PM, called The Warm War. Definitely check him out if you’re around.

• Quick thanks to Big Joseph for dropping off some film for me over in Greenpoint, I appreciate it!

Medical advertising in Chinatown, Manhattan. “Excellent Results in Pain Relief, Asthma, Facial Paralysis, Depression, Insomnia, Anxiety, Stress, Fatigue, Gyn. Complains, Etc.”

to the south side

Red Hook, Brooklyn has some strange tropical moments.

• A few weeks ago, my cousin Paul was in town, so Jenn and I met up with he and two of his friends, Jane and Chrissy, to hang at Prospect Park, then Soda Bar over in Prospect Heights (good atmosphere, bad service) and then across the street to Zaytoons (great food and service, some of the best Mediterranean food in BK).

• Also a few weeks ago, I ended up meeting some friends of Mike Morarian’s at Katja’s going away party at the grossly-fratty, Spitzer’s, in my old neighborhood (the Lower), named Steve and Dave.  We also checked out one of those dark, soul bars, and eventually wound up at the Parkside Lounge.  Good times.

“Better red than dead.”

Earlier this year, upstate, NY.

I ended up getting some Mavic CXP22’s laced to Formula 32H hubs on my bike. While they look pretty similar to the stock wheels, they’re considered the strongest in their class.

South Slope/Sunset Park, Brooklyn. I moved a week and a half ago, and we’ve been getting adjusted to the new neighborhood daily.  A big “thanks” goes out to D.Lish and Moses for aiding in the U-Haul move.  Very cool.

Jenn and I ended up running into F.Trainer over near the cemetery the other evening, and he had positive things to say about the area.  He’s always doing good things (ie: the 1058 post).

• The Escape New York ride is right around the corner (Sept 20), but there’s still time to register.  Could be good.

BK stands for burger king

Fort Greene, Brooklyn, shot yesterday evening at 6:15. I believe the diagonal street is Fulton Ave.

• The first of the Prospect Park days kicked off this past Sunday, after being bumped from a thunderstorm-filled Saturday. Things were in full swing with Mike & Elizabeth Morarian, Mimi, Rachel, Nate & Heidi, Brian & Rachel, Johnny Juice, and Jenn, then we ran into Addie, Brandon, and Neil in the main lawn. After filling up on tabbouleh, guacamole, cinnamon-crusted cheese, mojitos, wine, pinwheel sandwiches, celery, grapes, and oreos, there was some soccer ball kicking before hopping back on the bikes.

• Last night, Jenn and I made it over to the Escapes photography opening at 20 Jay St. in Dumbo, where Tod Seelie and some other photographers had work on display. We didn’t spend a ton of time there because it was sandwiched in between a rooftop party at the Forte building in Fort Greene, and some necessary exercise time in Prospect Park.

• You know summer is on the cusp in New York when the Chinatown odor hits you in the face going over the Manhattan Bridge at about 9AM. Wait for the return commute when you can practically taste it as well as smell it. Kinda rough.

• Some additional Seattle shots can be found here.

Jenn, DLISH, Mehgan, and I finally checked out the 4th Avenue Pub and Sheep Station this past Saturday evening. Great Australian food at Sheep Station (though I still feel like Bondi Road’s “burger and the lot” is a tough one to beat), however no meat pies or anything on the menu. The 4th Ave Pub has free popcorn and also a private, cozy back patio (albeit, filled with cigarette smoke). Lehman was given a copy of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” on the street, and it seemed to be a great conversation piece for everyone around us, haha.

• This past Tuesday, The Opera Singer had several roles in a 6-part opera performance at the Merkin Concert Hall on Broadway and 67th Street, in both German and Italian. The crowd “ooh”ed and “ahh”ed when he kissed a Russian singer on stage. Very great performance, despite my Americanism causing me to sadly not understand a single word. It does seem like it may be physically easier for women to hit their high notes in opera than for men to hit their low notes… or maybe I mean that high notes seem to project a lot further, and are more piercing. Jenn, Matt, and I briefly met Archie, and spoke to John again (Justin’s voice teacher, who had us over about a year and a half ago).

• Recently I found some of Keiichi Nitta’s polaroid work online, and found out that he was Terry Richardson’s assistant for about seven years, before now carrying on a similar lo-fi and scandalous approach to photography at his own studio in Japan. He certainly looks crazy, but apparently in just the past 2-3 years he’s shot everyone from Pharrell to Morrissey to Kanye, M.I.A., and tons of actors/actresses. He runs in very interesting social circles.

• Wednesday evening, I met Kathleen, Hill, Amy, and Republican Rob out at Reservoir near the NYU-ish area for a handful of drinks and some catching up on the gossip of the retail fashion world.  Somehow Black Label Jeff always comes up in some context.

• A shot of mine (of BAM’s lobby) was featured on Brownstoner. Mac Premo created the suitcases, I created the lobby animations, and some of my coworkers built the rest of the experience. But speaking of Sundance at BAM, the opening night last Thursday ended up being a lot of fun. The screening of “American Teen” was introduced by Marty Markowitz, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Peter Saarsgard, and some others. Then, afterwards, there was a prom-themed party where Andrew Andrew and a lot of others were seen dancing around. (Also, the Animated Shorts Program on Sunday was excellent, especially “Chonto.”)

• My sister, Hillary, (haha, Jeremy, if you’re listening) started a blog. About her time she’s spending over in a Thai prison, I mean, in a university in Thailand. She’ll be there up until about the end of the year. Of course we’re jealous.

• Also, worthy of mention is that the new (Brooklyn-based) Ratatat album drops in just about a month. It’s pretty sick stuff (as to be expected). If you haven’t heard anything from it yet, check out this video for a new single called “Mirando.” Certainly bring earplugs though if you see them perform in person.