a proper spanking

Suzy Hotrod (with the star on her helmet) of the Gotham Girls had a great game on Saturday night against Philly, seen in teal. Philadelphia certainly knew how to dress, though.  A former coworker of mine, Matt B, announced the game.

You can’t even say it ended up close.

• This past Friday, after recovering from some sort of 24-hr bug or food poisoning (yet to be determined), Jenn and I made it out to meet up with Lehman, B.Davis, Moses, Jason, and Cory over at Williamsburg’s McCarren Park for a late night thai dinner before walking over to crowded Union Pool for a little while (where we met up with Jan, Ashley, and a few others), near the BQE.

• If you (or someone you know) is in the market for a little orange tabby, send this link over their way. Thanks!

• I don’t think I mentioned it yet, but thanks to the random fixie-commuter girl on the Manhattan Bridge the other morning who alerted me of some glass up ahead in the bike path. Good lookin’ out.

• Yesterday, Jenn and I ended up running into Adam over at the Brooklyn Museum’s Murakami exhibit. The exhibit was pretty engaging, however, the presence of an actual pop-up Louis Vuitton store certainly is worthy of criticism. It seemed in poor taste. Also, despite Murakami’s expressive, fast-paced animation for Kanye’s track, “Good Morning,” there’s no way anyone can be convinced that it fits the sound/content. But I know, we’ve all gotta get paid. That being said, I do still like his happy-faced flower people and the crazy mushroom paintings.

• I found some old film from seven years ago, and scanned in the following three shots. I took them at my aunt’s place over in Reidsville, North Carolina. She’s unfortunately since passed away. I always liked that the floor to ceiling was covered in dark wood in a lot of the house (though that isn’t seen here). There were also some abandoned vehicles further out in the woods, seen below.