a few minutes with tim

For the second installment of the interview series, here’s Tim. He’s a Brooklyn-based systems administrator by day, and a turntablist/DJ during many evenings and weekends under the name “DJ Idlemind: The Appropriate Agent.”

He sat down to chat with us in his Bed-Stuy residence one afternoon, and demonstrated his craft for Jenn and I. We had heard him spin at parties before, but it was extra special to hear some mixing at his place. While he mentioned his favorite artist of all time is Prince, he definitely pulls from a wide range of sources to keep people dancing, and when possible, sneaks in samples that give props to Brooklyn. He’s also known for having love for Brit pop and hip hop from the 1980s, which never hurts to toss in, either.

For more information on Tim, and to find out where he’s performing next, definitely check out: http://listn.to/​djidlemind

Only a fraction of his equipment.