autumn upstate

There was dancing.

• My good friends Rich and Jen got married the other week, upstate at Mount Tremper, NY.  In addition to spending time with them, it provided a great opportunity to meet more of their friends who flew in from the west coast and the midwest.  Quality people and lots of drinks on hand.  Perhaps too many drinks, though, for a good cause, of course.  The Catskill Mountains certainly rival Appalachian areas when it comes to deciduous trees and winding streams.  The beautiful weather didn’t hurt either.  Gallery of shots: here.

A block from my apartment here in Brooklyn, some people got busted for illegally selling a ton of cats and dogs and other pets out on the street without any permits or papers.  There may have been other factors at play, because the people were hauled off, the animals were rescued, and all of the cages and food were simply abandoned.

• On the topic of abandoned things on the street, a big thanks to my neighbors for the bike with the “free” sign on it the other day.  I’ve fixed a few minor things on it, and now I may have enough bikes to supply my 2 siblings with when they come into town in a few months.

“Do not rent rooms.  It is not legal.  If your name is not on the the lease, I will give your name to the police.”

personal mausoleums

I can’t seem to emphasize it enough: riding a bicycle unlocks so many new neighborhoods. Though yes, urban exploration easier in October than February. This trainyard is down in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. The misting rain at moments only made the afternoon even more enjoyable.

• I’ve been discussing the current economic freefall situation with Republican Rob and some others recently. According to his advice, it’d be best to take inventory of your possessions and get ready for things to get real out there.

Green-wood Cemetery. I’ve actually been to a lot of cemeteries this year, though on rather somber terms. This one is rather ornate in places (though cannot hold a candle to some South American beauties). I live beside this 478-acre giant spread in the middle of Brooklyn. The photo to the left shows the entrance on 24th St. and 5th Avenue in Sunset Park where many bright green parrots have made large nests in the spires. I’m not positive where the flock came from, but they have permanent residence, and make a lot of noise during the daylight hours. The photo on the right shows one of the older, personal mausoleums, a little deeper inside. I was surprised to find out the hyphen does exist in the official landmark’s name.

The extravagant (see: decadent) homes Shane and I passed on the Escape New York Bike Tour the other week were shocking, just outside of the city. The home pictured here was one of the few without a large perimeter wall and electronic gates.

Another film shot (on the left) from the half century. On the right, I’ve maxed out my bag again, this time with a 30-pack case of high life. (I suppose this is possibly also a shoutout to the van runs up to the Bridgewater IGA in the 1990s.) I may have to get some strap extensions for grocery runs.

Jenn and I met up with Mike & Elizabeth Mararian one last time before they relocate up to a Victorian/turn-of-the-century house up in Buffalo, NY.  We first went to The Hideout in Fort Greene for some Absinthe, then over to a great, newish Italian place on Myrtle in Clinton Hill (I’ll have to get back to you on the name).

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

to the south side

Red Hook, Brooklyn has some strange tropical moments.

• A few weeks ago, my cousin Paul was in town, so Jenn and I met up with he and two of his friends, Jane and Chrissy, to hang at Prospect Park, then Soda Bar over in Prospect Heights (good atmosphere, bad service) and then across the street to Zaytoons (great food and service, some of the best Mediterranean food in BK).

• Also a few weeks ago, I ended up meeting some friends of Mike Morarian’s at Katja’s going away party at the grossly-fratty, Spitzer’s, in my old neighborhood (the Lower), named Steve and Dave.  We also checked out one of those dark, soul bars, and eventually wound up at the Parkside Lounge.  Good times.

“Better red than dead.”

Earlier this year, upstate, NY.

I ended up getting some Mavic CXP22’s laced to Formula 32H hubs on my bike. While they look pretty similar to the stock wheels, they’re considered the strongest in their class.

South Slope/Sunset Park, Brooklyn. I moved a week and a half ago, and we’ve been getting adjusted to the new neighborhood daily.  A big “thanks” goes out to D.Lish and Moses for aiding in the U-Haul move.  Very cool.

Jenn and I ended up running into F.Trainer over near the cemetery the other evening, and he had positive things to say about the area.  He’s always doing good things (ie: the 1058 post).

• The Escape New York ride is right around the corner (Sept 20), but there’s still time to register.  Could be good.